“Without LED-screens, this year is a Eurovision star contest”

More than ever the Eurovision Song Contest is all about the performer and their charisma, now that we don’t see many visual power and LED-screens. According to Daniel Gould in our latest podcast episode of Daily Coffee, it is a Eurovision Star Contest this year.

“It is very important how the performer comes across,” Daniel explains. “This year, it is all about the stage presence. You can;t fall back on nice fancy LED-screens. We are looking for someone who brings charisma to the stage. It is a Eurovision star contest.”

Anticipation for France, Germany and Italy

For gambler Daniel Gould it is a big day, with the last six countries closing of the rehearsal day being six nations we have not seen before. “Rumours are that Italy will use subtitles in their performance to have their message come across. And I am also curious to see how France will have song in their language translated to the stage. They are third in the betting market now, very interesting.”