“Without strong choreography you can never have a perfect Eurovision performance”

Natasja Lammers and Gerald van Windt are a well-known and high level choreography team in the Netherlands. However, they have never worked at an event as big as the Eurovision Song Contest. “This is Champions League level television.”

Lammers and Van Windt worked on the interval acts, but also on the stand-in rehearsals. “Delegations made their own choreography. They tell us what they want and we try to copy it one-on-one with the stand-ins.” Afterwards, the Dutch team shares their clip with the delegations. “We help everyone make a good performance. When they come here, we give them some advices and help them to make little changes.”

So what is their most important advice? What makes a good Eurovision choreography? “Choreography is very important. You have to hit all the cameras at the right time. If I go on stage not knowing what I am doing, I will never be able to have that perfect Eurovision performance.”

You can watch the full interview with Natasja Lammers and Gerald van Windt below:

This item has been made for the online press centre updates at Eurovision 2021, with which Team ESCDaily collaborates during these two Eurovision weeks.