Moldova: Zdob si Zdub return to Eurovision

Zdob si Zdub, the Moldovan rock band who represented Moldova in Eurovision 2005 for the first time – giving them their best result have won their countries’ 2011 Eurovision national final, ‘O melodie pentru Europa’. This time, they will take part in the contest with their song “So Lucky”.

Despite participant Karizma winning the televote by a massive landslide, she only managed to recieve 1 point from the jury, putting her in fourth place.

Below you can see the results for the Top 6 songs in the contest:

Zdob si Zdub – So Lucky: 10+10 = 20
Natalia Barbu – Let’s Jazz: 07+12 = 19
Pasha Parfeny – Dorule: 08+08 = 16
Karizma – When Life Is Grey: 12+01 = 13
MILENIUM – In memoriam: 06+07 = 13
Boris Covali & Cristina Croitoru – Break it up: 05+06 = 11
(Song: Televote + Jury = Total)

Earlier today we published an interview with Zdob si Zdub, where they revealed information about their song “So Lucky” and the reasons for wanting to return to the contest. You can read this interview here: here.

Congratulations to Zdob si Zdub!