Zena from Ireland: ‘Originally I did not want to be first’

“You know something, originally, I was hoping to be as last as I could,” says Zena Donnelly from Ireland, who was drawn to be the opening act of Sunday’s final. “I had this notion that being last would be easier. But now I’m so delighted that I am first.”

“I guess I will have less butterflies, and when you start off the show, everyone is gonna pay extra attention to you. I would not change it even if I could.”

Zena is one of Alexa’s best friends during this week. “We just clicked from the beginning. She is an amazing girl, you could not meet nicer.” Part of the Donnelly family actually lives Down Under, and Zena would love to come to Australia to meet them. “I was talking to her about that, asking her questions about the animals over there. Because I am really afraid of spiders, and I saw this video online of a spider attacking a person in Australia! So I just had to know if that was real or not…”